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DDEG (Solutions) is covered by a limited liability scheme, approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

DDEG (Solutions) is an Australian based building code performance consultancy that specialises in providing superior technical expertise and advice in the field of building performance solutions. Our approach is based on experience gained in engineering and building surveying, with the objective of delivering our clients the best possible outcomes in the environments they are creating for their future occupants. We achieve this by going beyond the minimum to create an environment that not only meets the performance requirements of the Building Code of Australia, but where possible exceeds this through innovation. Our DDEG Building Performance Solution team have offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart and Albury.

Performance Solutions

Where projects vary from the prescribed Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) provisions, DDEG (Solutions) can help demonstrate compliance with the relevant Performance Requirements. This enables costs savings through flexibility with designs to suit specific needs of the occupants for whom standards prescriptive solutions may be unsatisfactory or impractical. This approach stems from the discipline of Fire Engineering whereby new technologies and relationships between occupants and buildings can be drawn upon to develop a solution which either complies with the Performance Requirements or is at least equivalent to the DTS provisions.

Due to our range of experience within the Built Environment we are confident of our ability to deliver Performance Based Solutions that are not only technically robust to meet compliance with the Building Code of Australia and Premises Standards but are also concise and easy to interpret.

Peer Reviews

For that additional level of certainty that your project meets compliance DDEG (Solutions) offers peer reviews of reports completed by other Building consultants, including Design reviews, Performance Solutions, Building Audits etc. Our team of experts hold qualifications in Performance-Based Building and Fire Codes, registrations in both Building Surveying and Disability Access Consulting.

Certification of Design

In the Performance Solution approvals process, the Relevant Building Surveyor may accept a technical justification documented in the Performance Solution Report. The Relevant Building Surveyor can only accept a Performance Solution if they understand and agree with all parts of the technical justification. Due to the complex nature of Performance Solution reports, these solutions are often outside their field of expertise and therefore they need to rely on a design certificate issued under Victoria Building Regulation 126 (Reg. 126 design certificate).

This allows the Relevant Building Surveyor to rely on the expertise of another building practitioner rather than having to understand and accept the Performance Solution themselves. A 126 certificate removes design responsibility for the Performance Solution from the Relevant Building Surveyor and places it with the building practitioner and the issuer of the Reg. 126 design certificate.

Victorian Building Authority (VBA) Practise Note 3 states that “After having regard to the complexity of a design, the RBS may determine that an independent review of the design is required. Where the RBS determines this, the registered building practitioner must be independent from the registered building practitioner who prepared the original design. This means that the person undertaking the independent review must not be employed by the same organisation or related to the person that prepared the design.”

DDEG (Solutions) offers peer review and certification services for Performance Solution reports produced by others. Provided that the report satisfies the minimum requirements to demonstrate that the Performance Requirements have been satisfied, a Reg. 126 design certificate will be issued. The Reg. 126 design certificate will be issued by a fully independent third party professional Building Surveyor / Certifier who is a Building Surveyor Unlimited / Building Certifier Level 1 registered building practitioner.

Building Compliance Advice

Advice on methods of construction or selection of materials to ensure compliance with the building Act, Building Regulation and the Building Code. We focus on seeking opportunities in the design stages of projects to assist our clients in navigating regulatory requirements.

Advice on Product Certification

Detailed review of product testing certificates, including limitations and conditions placed on the certification to ensure the product is the optimal choice for your project.

Expert Witness

Expert witness testimony for legal cases, working alongside lawyers and/or in a court environment.

Resolution of Building Notices and Orders

Where appropriate, a written response to Building notices detailing how compliance has been met via performance and liaising with Councils to ensure an acceptable outcome can be achieved.

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