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Disability Access Articles

In this series of articles, we’ll be exploring some of the common accessibility issues and misconceptions we observe:

  • The Slip-Up: The issues and why they happen;

  • The Specification: What is actually required (and what piece of legislation specifies them); and

  • The Significance: Why they’re important.

(Click to learn more about Common Accessibility Issues and Misconceptions)

Consultation with a Disability Access consultant can add value to a project by reducing costs and risks while enhancing the overall design.


(Click to learn more about Disability Access Consultants)

The importance of compliant stairs can often be undervalued with the risks not fully understood. Within this article we explore some real life cases, the dangers of non-compliant stair and the subsequent cost.

(Click to learn more about why compliant stairs save)

Within this series, we will be discovering how individuals who operate mobility aids manoeuvre within the built environment, to understand the spatial requirements placed around doorways, sanitary facilities.

(Click here to learn more Negotiating the Built Environment)

Accessible Ramp
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