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How a Disability Access Consultant can help you

Consultation with a Disability Access consultant can add value to a project by reducing costs and risks while enhancing the overall design.

Legislation can be complex, especially when you’re either unfamiliar with applicable codes and Standards, or your field of expertise/priorities are best focused elsewhere, say designing or building the development.

This is where Disability Access Consultants can help, by specifying the necessary legislation applicable to your project, where design changes are needed or where potential design variation could save costs/enhance access for all.

When’s the best time to engage a Disability Access Consultant

While Access Consultants may be involved in various stages of a development i.e. Town Planning – Project Completion, to maximum the benefits, engagement would be prudent as early as possible such as during:

  • Development of Town Planning drawings; or

  • Schematic/Concept development,


As the further the design progresses the more challenging and less potential cost savings may be applicable. For example, the development may have a Town Planning Permit issued but it is not until the design is undergoing the Building Permit approval process that it is realised legislation requires installation of a lift. This would have major implications of the spatial aspects of the design, costs and time delays due to a potential need to apply for an amendment to the already approved Town Planning Permit.


Engaging an access early on can also speed up Approval process’s such as Town Planning, Building Certification or Final sign off at project completion by identifying all the necessary requirements prior to these stages so there are no hold ups or unexpected surprises.


3D Access are equipped to serve clients on all types and sizes of projects Australia wide.  We can leverage our experience to help you achieve your objectives while maintaining compliance with disability access legislation. Our efficient approach allows us to offer our Disability Access consultation at an affordable price at the level of quality you’d expect from an established firm.


To learn more about our services and what we can offer, please feel free to contact 3D Access. A member of our team will be with you shortly to answer any questions or enquiries you may have.

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