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Find Quality Soundproofing, Sound Proofing & Insulation Melbourne

Are you suffering from loud, distracting noise in your building or industrial facility? We know how frustrating it can be to deal with excess sound in your work or home environment. Thankfully, our professional team of acoustic engineers can help you with soundproofing in Melbourne. In whatever capacity you require acoustic engineering services, we are here to help.


Why Choose Us


Cogent Acoustics has been providing acoustic engineering services throughout Australia since February 2016. Our office is in Mitcham, right here in Melbourne. As passionate engineers with a proven track record of high-quality work and excellent service, this makes us the obvious choice for soundproofing in Melbourne.


Finding the Best Sound Insulation Melbourne


Our work spans many different aspects of acoustic engineering, so we understand the nuances of sound for an optimal acoustic experience. We want to make your environment aurally appealing and comfortable for you and any others who enter the space.


Factors such as ventilation, heating, and air conditioning within your building,  and external noise from outside such as neighbours, industrial sources, entertainment venues, traffic and railways, can affect comfort within your home or building.


Comprehensive Noise Control Solutions


When we work with a client for sound insulation in Melbourne, we use a variety of methods to create a soundproofing effect. With our knowledge and years of experience, we can identify the source of specific sounds and vibrations within your facility or building. We have the know-how to monitor and combat excess noise based on your design specifications.


Soundproofing is achieved by reducing and absorbing sound using various tactics, materials, and methods. Dampening sound, insulating materials, and engineering the acoustics can change the noise and sound quality in a room. Our Melbourne sound proofing team also offers auralisation services when considering different acoustic treatments.  This modelling can allow you to hear the difference between various sound proofing or noise reduction options before committing time and money to a particular a sound insulation solution.


Our Know how in Sound Insulation


We work with a variety of different applications for sound proofing in Melbourne. Our clients span various industries and therefore have different sound engineering requirements. Our projects range from the transportation sector, to environmental noise, industrial/OHS noise, construction noise and building acoustics. Although we do most of our work with sound insulation in Melbourne, we have done projects in other states and countries as well.


Our acoustic engineers are highly qualified professionals, aware of industry standards and testing requirements. We will perform applicable tests and surveys to identify and reduce or eliminate excess noise in your space. We have years of experience with noise level assessment in accordance with WHS/OHS standards. With all this in mind, we can offer a unique opportunity to have your soundproofing needs comply with all standards you require for soundproofing in Melbourne.


Whatever your needs are for sound proofing in Melbourne, our team can handle the job. Whether your needs are residential, industrial, environmental, transportation, construction, or building acoustics, we are prepared to work with you and offer high quality acoustic engineering services at a competitive price. For more information on sound insulation in Melbourne, please click here.

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