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Cogent Acoustics - Acoustic Engineer in Melbourne - Your Consultant for Sound Advice and a Comprehensive Testing Report

Are you starting the design of a new school, hospital, cinema, office, shop, factory, road, apartment building, house or even a shed? Then budget, timing, legal aspects, location, materials, accessibility, safety and stability are all vital. An additional element which is often still overlooked, however, is acoustics. In today's world, you cannot afford to build, remodel or renovate without also offering a solution for sound absorption or sound insulation. Noise problems can sometimes expand too much to be ignored.


Industry professionals such as architects, planners, developers, builders and project managers cannot do without at least some basic knowledge of sound and how it behaves. The principles of airborne sound (sound waves traveling through the air) and impact sound (noise arising from the impact of an object on a wall, ceiling or floor) may be familiar to you, and you may even understand what an increase of 3 dB means when measuring sound. There is more to acoustics, however. If you want to provide your client with a comprehensive solution, then you'll need the advice of Cogent Acoustics, a highly competent acoustic engineer in Melbourne.


Cogent Acoustics - Acoustic Consultant in Melbourne Offers Added Value which Big Companies Cannot Provide


Browse the internet, and you'll find a few impressive names of consulting agencies to offer acoustic testing or advice in Melbourne. Perhaps you have contacted them and they have declined your project?The size of your project may be the reason.


Small to medium-scale residential and commercial developments require a different approach from other more substantial projects. Cogent is small, flexible and versatile. Self-evidently, we also have the necessary experience and knowledge. We can supply you with the required support in any phase of your project, whether you're still working on your first concept, or about to deploy your equipment and people in the realisation phase.


Acoustics as Part of a Package


While you can count on us as your acoustic consultant in Melbourne, our assistance can entail even more. Dobbs Doherty Fire Safety Engineers and 3D Access services have partnered with us. The expertise of each separate company is at your command. However, you can also profit from a multidisciplinary approach. Both will simplify your project management tremendously, not to mention that this will very likely result in a decreased cost for you and your client. Suddenly your budget may allow for specific extras which you'd dismissed before. The added value will ensure that you have a satisfied customer.


If you are facing challenges concerning acoustics, fire safety and/or accessibility for people with disabilities, contact one number: (03) 8814 3250, send an email to, or simply fill out our online enquiry form. You'll have one, two or three joint teams at your service.

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