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Get the Results You Want With Solid Acoustic Treatment

Every recording studio needs to have excellent acoustics. Without them, quality will be compromised and your audience will miss the message that you’re trying to deliver. Sometimes when you find a space to set up a recording studio, you get lucky, already having outstanding acoustics in place. However, more often, you don’t. Sure you can just opt to find another space, but what if you love the location? What if it’s the best space that you can find?


Don’t ditch it or settle for poor acoustics. Instead, seek acoustic consultants in Melbourne who understand the importance of proper audio and how to offer the right acoustic treatment for your environment. Consider Cogent Acoustics.


We are consultants who have been in business since 2016, providing acoustic engineering services to Australia. We take on projects from small residences to large commercial infrastructure. In the past, we’ve worked with companies and individuals worldwide, completing projects in New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Middle East and the United States.


As acoustic consultants, our long-term knowledge has enabled us to deliver robust solutions that work, incorporating honesty, integrity and open communication into our services. Clients have benefitted tremendously from our new ideas and use of current technology. With our efficient work, they’ve also received lower prices than our competitors can offer.


Make an Investment in Your Work With an Excellent Acoustic Engineer based in 5 location around Australia


Whether you’re an architect designing a performance space,an environmental compliance office on a construction site, or a health and safety advisor at major industrial plant, you know sound is everything. What is transmitted from the source location to the listener is important. Even if you tick all the other boxes for your building or site, if the sound quality is off or there is too much noise, there will be dissatisfaction and complaints. Perhaps even worse, they’ll think your work is inferior and fail to take you seriously.


If you’re serious about your work, find an acoustic engineer who understands the intricacies of sound. How it travels within a space and how the environment, building and everything that surrounds it affects how it’s delivered in a recording. No matter how complex or simple your space is, we offer a comprehensive range of acoustics and vibration consulting. We’ll advise you on everything related to the audio waves of your building, such as policy, planning, design, documentation and construction.


How You Can Achieve Optimal Acoustics With Advanced Technological Treatment?


Receiving acoustic treatment advice in Melbourne is no hassle on your part. After the first contact, we get started planning on-site assessments and reviewing your documentation. We can advise you on the design of walls, floors and ceilings, building facades and glazing, as well as the control of structure-borne noise and vibration. We can also offer advice on speech privacy and intelligibility, reverberation control and sound masking systems, and general room acoustics.


Importantly, we make sure your building is within regulations and complies with relevant standards, such as fulfilling part F5 of the National Construction Code requirement. When the project is complete, we’ll perform full verification testing.


Don’t delay your project, contact us today to get your acoustics in order at a price that’s well within your budget.

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