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Cogent Acoustic Engineering Services for Sound Insulation, Noise Reduction & Control, Soundproofing and Industrial Acoustics: A Single Company Instead of Five Companies

A complete range of acoustics and vibration consulting services for projects of all scales is what you'll find at Cogent Acoustics. Designing, remodelling and renovating residential buildings becomes increasingly challenging as noise pollution continues to grow. Old buildings are affected by this ubiquitous phenomenon most of all, but even a new house with extra thick walls will not necessarily offer the peace and tranquillity its inhabitants crave. Besides, who'd want to live in such a medieval fortress?


Architects realise it more than ever: good acoustics involves more than merely constructing thick walls. Creating a lovely-looking home for your clients that offers the necessary acoustic comfort, compliant with the relevant building code acoustic requirements, depends on different factors. Determining where a sound comes from, how it travels, and where it is perceived are only three of these. With a renowned sound insulation company such as Cogent Acoustics by your side, you can turn a home's design into a haven of quietness. Best of all, it will still retain its character.


Why Cogent can offer a better and more extensive service than a big industrial acoustics company


We offer our know-how and experience to projects ranging from small residential to extensive infrastructure, but in contrast to a big industrial acoustics company, our strong point is small to medium scale residential and commercial developments. This specialisation was an informed choice, not only because we can offer our services at a competitive price, but also because this is accompanied by a high level of quality.


Compared to other noise control companies, we are relatively small, but at the same time much more flexible. So, bigger is not always better. Top this with our efficient approach, and you know that selecting us as your acoustic partner, is an excellent decision.


Improved sound insulation, fire safety and access for your project


Our added value as your dedicated noise reduction company is evident. We can do much more, however. We cooperate with Dobbs Doherty Fire Safety Engineers who can put their knowledge pertaining to fire safety at your service. 3D Access is another partner of ours. They specialise in making buildings suitable for wheelchair users or people with other disabilities. Consider the money and time you can save if three companies combine their experience and competence with yours. With the constraints of a tight budget falling away, you can give your creativity free rein. It's a dream come true for any architect, developer or project manager.


Whether you're at the start of an entirely new project, or about to finalise your concept, take us aboard as your soundproofing company. Give us a call or send us an e-mail to let us know more about your vision. Noise control solutions are in high demand, and our knowledge of this material is perfectly up-to-date. Together, we can create a cost-effective, efficient and high-quality design, in conformity with Australian standards.

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