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The Benefits of Working with Experienced Acoustic, Vibration and Noise Control Consultants

There are many reasons to consider hiring an acoustical engineer for any major construction project or ensuring that your existing operations are not being impacted by excessive noise or vibration. Architects, for example, may consider working with experienced acoustic designers to include soundproofing measures in their plans while plant managers may require regular vibration and noise analysis and monitoring to make sure their machinery runs smoothly. These are just a couple of the many circumstances in which a highly-qualified acoustic consultant from Cogent Acoustics may be able to help.


When to Bring a Vibration or Noise Control Consultant onto Your Project


Most construction projects in Australia are subject to meeting specific compliance standards, including those related to noise control. Because excessive noise is a potential public health risk and nuisance, it is vital that architects and developers address any sound concerns as soon as they are identified, or risk failing inspection or having to pay more for acoustical re-engineering and design. Similarly, many industries are impacted by noise or vibration hazards, including plants with heavy machinery, making it necessary that noise control consultants be brought on from time to time. Ultimately good acoustical design and engineering are essential in virtually all public spheres to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for all.


Experienced consultants possess both the know-how and access to sophisticated equipment that can best detect potential noise or vibration issues. They can also provide advice and solutions for all kinds of sound-related matters, and work with you to ensure you meet your compliance and safety goals. That’s why it makes sense to bring a noise or vibration consultant onto your project sooner rather than later, allowing you to identify problems early on and to work through them in a far more cost-efficient and timely manner.


Finding a Highly-Qualified Noise and Vibration Consultant


At Cogent Acoustics, we are committed to sharing our extensive engineering knowledge with clients working on projects of all scales. We offer comprehensive acoustic monitoring and consulting services that help developers, architects and others effectively manage sound issues and ensure that their projects are compliant. While we can undoubtedly pair you with an experienced acoustic consultant who will provide practical solutions tailored to your needs, our services don’t end there. You can also count on us for all your noise testing and measurement needs related to building safety, industrial applications, transportation and much more.


Based in Mitcham, Melbourne, are also a partner company with fire safety and access consultants, meaning that when you work with us, you will also have access to our network of other consultants, potentially saving you both time and money while you navigate the often complicated regulatory environment. In addition to our Melbourne-area services, we have also provided trustworthy consultation and noise monitoring interstate as well.


If you’re ready to bring an experienced noise control consultant onto your team, be sure to contact Cogent Acoustics. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in making sure your project succeeds in a sound and safe manner.

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