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Noise Reduction Services with Reliable Assessment / Measurement to Control Sound Issues

We hear sounds all the time in our day to day lives. Some are pleasant and desirable, while others are simply noise. While we often view noise as being a mere nuisance, there are times where exposure to dangerous levels of sound can be hazardous. That is why noise control services are so vital from a public health standpoint and are a necessary consideration for any development. Here’s how you can make sure your project is both safe and compliant with the help of Cogent Acoustics.


What a Noise Assessment is and Why You May Need One?


Unwanted sound isn’t merely obnoxious—over time it may be dangerous as well. Because of this, noise assessment is a critical compliance consideration for residences, commercial businesses and office spaces alike. When a noise issue is identified, monitoring, reduction or management measures should be put in place to ensure both safety and comfort of affected people and spaces. Noise measurement and assessment services can help identify potential problems using a variety of specially designed tools and methods.


A noise assessment will typically involve taking several measurements around a particular site to obtain sound level meter readings. A sound “map” may then be generated as a result of this to estimate the noise levels people may experience at different areas to determine if any locations, in particular, may require more detailed monitoring or control. A dosimeter is frequently employed as a part of occupational noise assessment services to determine how sound fluctuates over time and to get a sense of the average level of noise exposure that occurs throughout a day or other given period. An environmental noise logger may be used for environmental noise assessments and construction noise assessments where long-term unattended noise measurements or monitoring are required.


Once noise issues are identified, there are several approaches to controlling or reducing unwanted sound levels. While some solutions may require architectural or engineering revisions, there are many instances where the simple addition of noise barriers such berms or sound-reducing walls can have a positive effect.


Who to Call for Noise Assessment Services in Melbourne and Beyond?


Cogent Acoustics produces high-quality, comprehensive acoustic reports for projects and developments of all sizes. We offer a consultative and practical design approach and are available to provide a variety of effective noise solutions for even the most complex acoustic engineering situations. With the help of our noise assessment services, we can aid you in achieving compliance with the minimum necessary construction, saving you both time and money in the long run.


Our Melbourne-based firm is ready to serve clients both big and small across Australia. We can leverage our engineering experience to help you achieve your objectives while reducing or managing any issues with noise or vibrations. Whether you are developing a residential project or are involved with infrastructure, manufacturing, or construction, our consultancy’s noise control services deliver coherent and logical solutions that benefit all potential stakeholders. Our efficient approach allows us to offer our acoustic engineering consultation at an affordable price at the level of quality you’d expect from an established firm.


To learn more about our noise measurement services, feel free to contact Cogent Acoustics. A member of our team will be with you shortly to answer any questions or enquiries you may have.

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